Custom dissertation: how to avoid big mistakes

Many students faced with a lack of information (knowledge) and time, already at the very beginning of the research work, look for an assistant to write a custom dissertation, to give him or her a part of the work or even to buy ready-made dissertations. Definitely, there are a many options now.

The market of scientific works is growing day by day. There are more and more new companies that provide any services related to writing diplomas, dissertations and monographs, scientific articles, reports, etc.

The writing of a scientific work by such “merchants” takes six months or a year. It depends on the complexity of the topic, the quickness of the client`s supervisor, the client`s own experience.

How to fail in custom dissertation buying

It would seem that it is easier, would it? Just find an agency for writing dissertations, pay money and sleep well! In the specified period, you will be provided with a ready-made scientific work of high quality and, if properly sorted out, for quite an affordable money.

Wellaway! Reality is very far from agencies` promises. In fact, the first thing to remember: you are an inherently weak side in these relations.

As the experience of many students shows, similar experiments end in most cases the same way. You will be offered for your money a dissertation, the quality of which will withstand neither the criticism of your colleagues, nor the verification for “incorrect borrowings”.

Moreover, you will not be given any information about the author, who will write your work. The excuse is always the same: Our authors are candidates and Doctors of Science!” Do you believe in that? There are often only a few people, who write papers at once for all disciplines and do not have enough experience to implement your project, behind the center of scientific consulting. Of course, you do not know about it.

In addition, the market of ready-made dissertations prefers silence.

Tips, how to avoid scammers while buying custom dissertations

Due to the closed market of services for writing dissertations, it will be extremely difficult for you to monitor the progress of your work as an external observer. You will probably not be able to ask the agency to improve the quality of work. The limit on smiles and flirting with customers in such firms is exhausted once you fully pay for the work.

Have you decided to apply to an agency and to buy a dissertation? Then here are the tips that will warn you against some mistakes:

1: Having chosen an agency, find out about it all you can from available resources. Read feedback about its work. Use a word of mouth. Find out, what rumors are about the agency.

2: In any case, conclude a contract with the agency. Outline clearly all your requirements in it. You are unlikely ti succeed to force the agency to fully execute the contract in the case of a “conflict of interests”. However, as experienced people say, “let it be”.

3: Never make a 100% prepayment. Divide the amount payable in several parts, so that most of the amount is payable after the work on your order is completed.

4: Even with tight deadlines, take a break, think and do not rush to pay money for urgency.

5: Always find out , who will work on your research paper. Everything depends from the author! Ask the necessary information; insist on sending you other works of this author.

In the end, having tried to communicate with the agency on an equal footing, you will understand how much your relationship will be equal and transparent in the future.

Now you know what to look for while buying a custom dissertation. Act wisely! Good luck!