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Narrative texts are those in which a series of consecutive events are described. Usually these are stories about an interesting event, or a memory of a trip, or about how you spent your holidays, or a story about what book you read, what a wonderful film you looked, what person you met, or the story of favorite writer or actor, about politics, which made an indelible impression on you.

The narrative often uses words and phrases that denote time: first, then, then, after, a little later, later, after a while, later, further, then, then, finally, etc.

The plan of the composition-narration

  1. Entry (place time of action).
  2. The beginning of the action.
  3. The culmination of action (the most intense moment of the plot).
  4. Decoupling.
  5. Conclusion.

Each subparagraph should carry new information. Include details that can predict future events. However, they do not need to be included in each item. There must be a moral lesson in the “Conclusion”, which the reader will take with him and remember for a long time.

You can begin with the statement, which is connected with the plot of the first subparagraph.

Add additional sub-paragraphs if you want to develop the story further based on the facts previously given.

For writing an essay well, you should allocate enough time to work with text and that to review it.

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